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Beamer meets one of the Messengers during Sinking Ship Creations Project Ascension larp.

October 7-8 | New York City

Uncover the secrets of a worldwide Conspiracy, while hiding your sins from everyone else.

Pull off daring heists as a hacker, cyborg, or member of an organized crime syndicate.

Decide if you’ll flee the consequences of your actions, chase Ascension, or die trying.

Down to our final tickets... don't miss out!

At Rock Bottom, You’ve Got Nowhere to Go But Up

  • Become the anti-hero of your own cyberpunk story! 

  • Tell a gritty tale about pragmatism & sacrifice!

  • Experience a 360° illusion in a NYC nightclub!

  • Pull off a heist as part of a premium crew!

Check out a video from actual play!

Two stringers share a drink. Photo by Frank Martinez.

When the men on the chessboard

Get up and tell you where to go

And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom

And your mind is moving low

Go ask Alice

I think she’ll know


White Rabbit, Jefferson Airplane

The Future Ain't What It Used To Be

It’s New York City, 15 minutes in the future. Humanity’s taken the next steps: we put that chip in your head to make you smarter, that plug in your stomach to make you thin, and the drugs in your system to keep you going. People are becoming more than human. And nothing’s getting any better.


You had a job once. You had student debt, a credit card, a life. You also experienced an insatiable itch; you knew something more was going on. Everyone always thought you were a conspiracy nut, one of the tinfoil hat crew that thought the same people who faked the lunar landing pulled off the 9/11 job. And then you saw Them. Maybe it was on some ancient message board from the early days of the internet, or maybe it was hidden code in a virus you dismantled. Maybe it was just someone at the end of a bar at 4 AM. You don’t know who They are, or how you knew what to look for, but you saw Them. You knew at once: there’s a truth beyond this world of concrete and neon. Something bigger. Something above all this.


So They came for you. You got revoked - a “technological death” where They kill your identity and see how long the rest of you makes it. They took your life: your parents and spouse and job and dog, all gone. No credit, no place to live. You should have died, but you didn’t. Instead you fell off the grid and found others like you. All of you have been searching for the same thing, even if none of you know what that is yet. It’s easy to say that you’re chasing the white rabbit, but you haven’t even found the rabbit hole yet.


What you all have, beyond the shadow of a doubt, is a single word:  Ascension. Somewhere between an urban legend and a fool’s hope, it’s your only way out of this hellhole. It’s the truth you glimpsed that got you revoked. It’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s what’s beyond the rabbit hole.


Now it’s all crashing down. Those that  revoked you are coming tonight to finish the job. You’ve got 3 choices: die, escape, or figure this ascension thing out fast. 

Welcome to the last night of Project Ascension. Hope you make it.


What is Project Ascension?

Project Ascension is a theatrical live action role-play experience that provides a 360° illusion of our cyberpunk vision of New York City. You’ll play characters called Stringers, both for their ability to string together conspiracy theories, and for the fact they’re all kind of strung out. Once, you were a fairly normal person, living a fairly normal life. However, you saw beyond that, got revoked, and now live in Purgatory.  This criminal underworld is where you struggle to survive even as you frantically try to dig up more information on the Conspiracy that revoked you.


This larp is the story of the last night of Project Ascension, when the Conspiracy closes in to end your collective existence once and for all. In Purgatory you found families, called crews. With your crew, you’ll struggle to survive the night. You’ll end up either discovering what Ascension means, escaping New York City entirely, or dying at the hands of the Conspiracy. 


The experience itself takes place on the Lower East Side, centered around a bar called the Underworld. On Friday, we’ll introduce you to the world through our onboarding and series of introductory scenes set in various locations nearby. You’ll also have the chance to meet the rest of your crew, other participant characters in Purgatory with you. On Saturday, you’ll enter the Underworld, an exclusive location used as center stage. We’ll support you with theatrical effects and a directed cast. Together, we’ll guide the story to a climax of your design. At midnight, we’ll learn the fate of all the characters, then wrap up our cyberpunk tale with a party until the early hours.


Basic Information

The Messenger

Project Ascension is a pervasive theatrical larp, with the same production values as a professional site-specific promenade theater production.This includes:

  • Exclusive access to a Manhattan nightclub, with set and lighting design by Extra Dimensional Studios.

  • A staff of professional actors supporting your experience as facilitators, with a ratio of 1 actor for every 5 participants.

  • A play-tested and successful design previously run in both New York and Atlanta.

  • Highly detailed participant characters, every one a main character in their own story.

  • Online support from our staff of Discord facilitators.

  •  Music provided by our live DJ. 

  • Out-of-game support, including risk management, participant advocacy and customer service through Sinking Ship Creations.

A Premium Experience

Want more? We offer a premium experience, beginning Friday night, where you star in your own heist movie. As part of your crew, you’ll be given a job by one of your contacts and expected to pull it off somewhere on the Lower East Side. This exclusive add-on expands the 360° illusion beyond the nightclub and into the city, where you’ll have a chance to track down secretive characters, (legally!) break into hidden locations, and uncover more secrets of the Conspiracy.


Detailed Information

Project Ascension features larp systems designed by Sinking Ship Creations to mitigate risk and provide as much accessibility as possible. These systems include a comprehensive risk assessment so participants can make informed decisions in regards to their participation. In addition, our staff includes a risk monitor to continually assess and respond to hazards as they occur, and a participant advocate to ensure we consider the perspectives and needs of individual participants as they arise. Finally, third parties evaluated our location for accessibility, so we can ensure that individuals with a wide range of abilities enjoy the experience.  


Additional setting information will be available via our blog and our Discord server. We’ll use both to ensure that participants have as much or as little information as they desire. We also make use of several of Sinking Ship Creations resources, including our Code of Conduct, Anti-Harassment Policy, and Social Justice Policy.

Our Social Justice Policy includes Reparations and a Land Acknowledgement. Black and Indigenous participants, please contact us prior to purchase so that we may offer material compensation as part of this policy.


Contact & Credits

Project Ascension was designed by Sinking Ship Creations, with art direction and production services by Extra Dimensional Studios. For full credits and bios, see our online program. Contact us at for more information.

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