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Project Ascension Covid-19 Policy

Precautions (including vaccination requirements) and cancellation criteria

Note - please also refer to our Risk Notices.

This policy was developed cooperative with Peculiar Crossroads Productions, Reverie Studios, Journeys & Tales and Entropic Endeavors as part of an effort to have a uniform Covid-19 response.

Intention of the policy

This post explains our Covid-19 Policy for Project Ascension.

While we cannot issue any guarantees, we are committed to providing clear guidelines of our rules, mitigations, and controls so you as a participant can make the most informed choice about attending a game.

To enable us to plan the best way possible, we may also ask you about your vaccination status. This information will not be saved past the event, nor shared with anyone outside the immediate organizer group.

For the sake of this policy, a vaccinated person:

  • Has received their complete schedule of doses for a Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Has waited two weeks or the prescribed period of time after their last dose to become fully vaccinated (whichever is greater).

  • Can present proof of vaccination, in the form of a vaccination card.



This event is restricted to individuals who are fully vaccinated. We reserve the right to require booster shots in addition to vaccinations.

Other Controls in place



In addition to the above this larp will have the following constraints in place:

Cancellation Criteria: On September 23, 2022, the staff will make a cancellation decision based on the NYC Covid-19 7-day average for percent positive (using this website). We will cancel the event if any of the following conditions occur that day:

  • The percent positive rate exceeds 20%.

  • The percent positive rate exceeds 10% with increases in the rate in the preceding two weeks.

  • The percent positive rate exceeds 15% without decreases in the rate in the preceding two weeks.

Refund Policy: In case of cancellation due to Covid-19 we will will refund your ticket up to any amount of costs we can recoup, and offer you the remainder as credit to future events.

We hope this policy is clear to all our participants, but should you have any questions you are welcome to contact us at


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