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Project Ascension Risk Notices

Important notices about risks associated with this event.

The following is taken from the Project Ascension addendum to our Standard Risk Assessment. These notices are required for you to be able to make a risk-aware consent decision regarding your participation in the larp. You may also wish to review our Covid-19 policy.

Risk Notices


There will be the presence and use of alcohol at the event; participants are specifically allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. Because of this, this will be a 21+ event. Participants must understand that the presence and use of alcohol heighten other risks associated with this event, particular as related to pervasive play.

Risks Inherent To the Event

This is a live event in New York City. You will be in close quarters with other people. While we have taken steps to provide a clean environment, hand sanitizer, and a refund policy that accommodates illness, we acknowledge that individuals may get sick at our events, and possibly miss time at work. Attending this event implies consent to exposure to this risk.

This event includes pervasive play. You should expect to role-play in the vicinity of non-participants. You are expected to role-play in a manner that does not disturb those around you who have not consented to participation. Including non-participants in an inappropriate manner will result in an immediate removal from play until the condition can be corrected. Attending this event implies consent to exposure to this risk and agreement to avoid non-essential role-play with non-participants.

Portions of this event might occur outside. Please wear clothing appropriate to the time of year.

Refund Policy

A full refund, less any credit card, and/or transaction fees, will be provided upon request within 7 days of purchase. After that, no refunds will be considered except under the following circumstances:

  • If you are ill, we want you to stay home. We will refund your ticket of any costs we can recoup, and offer the remainder as credit to future productions.

  • If we cancel the event for reasons within our control (i.e. there is an unsafe condition we cannot control), we will offer a full refund. For events outside of our control, we will not refund the event.

We do allow for the resale of your ticket at a value up to and including the price you paid for it.

Sinking Ship Creations reserves the right to deny service to any customer. If denied service, you may request a refund within 7 days of notice of denial of service. Sinking Ship Creations will generally refund any denial of service that did not involve a Code of Conduct violation, however, this does not constitute a guarantee.

While we will make every effort to provide the opportunity for an enjoyable experience, we cannot guarantee participant satisfaction. Participants should reasonably expect to encounter personal issues with the design or staff that may be the fault of Sinking Ship Creations. Regardless of participant satisfaction, absolutely no refunds will be provided after an individual participates in the event.


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