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Early Bird Sells Out - General Admission Opens March 8

Details on pricing, premium upgrades and the application process.

A hacker works his way through the quagmire.
Photo by Liz Paulie.

We sold out of Early Bird Tickets after less than 28 hours - obviously, we have a large group of people eager to return to our cyberpunk vision of New York City. On March 8, we’ll open the second and final group of tickets, General Admission. Here’s what you can expect in the coming weeks.

First, we sold 40 Early-Bird tickets, which account for two-thirds of the larp. These tickets will be guaranteed the opportunity to buy the premium upgrade. We have 20 tickets left to offer during General Admission. Of these, we’ve reserved 6 tickets for scholarships. This means we’ll sell up to 14 tickets during General Admission.

When you go to buy a ticket during General Admission, you’ll have two options:

  • You can immediately purchase a ticket at full price ($990).

  • You can apply for a discounted or scholarship ticket.

In addition to the 6 scholarship tickets, we’ll reserve at least 4 tickets for people who apply for discounts. The discounted price will be $765, the same price as an Early Bird ticket. If approved for a discount, you’ll have the option to pay in a lump sum or as part of an installment plan (an initial payment of $195, and six payments of $95). If you pay full price, you will have to pay as a lump sum.

Every week, on Tuesday, we’ll review applications. We will first offer scholarship tickets, with a priority towards promoting diversity. We’ll then offer discounted tickets based on availability. If selected for a discounted ticket, you’ll have until Friday to purchase the ticket on our website.

Also on March 8, we’ll offer premium upgrades to ticket holders on a first-come, first-serve basis, assuming we have any available. At this time, we believe that all premium upgrades will be purchased by Early-Bird ticket holders, and expect only a limited number of upgrades to be available.

Please follow us on Facebook and subscribe via the Sinking Ship Creations website for notifications when General Admission opens.


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